Read Sources on Java Programming Regularly

Another programming language that Java (official site) responds to is “What computer language is used for artificial intelligence? Java is a multi-protocol that follows objective principles, and is a once-written Read / Run Anywhere (WORA) policy that can be run on any site that supports it without the need for reassembly” Is a programming language.

Java is not only in the development of AI, but is one of the most commonly used. It is derived from C and C as an important part of its syntax in addition to its minimal tools. Java is not only suitable for NLP and research algorithms, but also for neural networks.


Very small; Easy to implement on various platforms of virtual machine technology.

Unlike C, Java is easy to use and even bugger.

Contains an automated memory manager that simplifies the developer’s work.


However, it is slower than Java C, which has lower speed and higher response time for execution.

Although very small, Java requires dramatic changes in software and hardware.

JAVA is generally the immature language of AI programming because some improvements are still in beta, JDK 1.1.