JAVA For Biginners

How API’s Works ?

If you are building a web application (regardless of your programming language), you typically put your web application on a dedicated server (not your local computer). The web application is running on the server and people can access it. The server is a real machine (processor, memory, hard drive, etc.) or a virtual server, which is essentially separated by software as laptops.

Your local computer can be used on a server, but generally you need to have a standard server running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that web clients can always reach your server under a predefined address. For example, contains the vogella blog. This blog is a WordPress powered web application, which is a web application written in the server side scripting language PHP.

Server vs cloud deployment

You can run it in a cloud environment, without running your application directly on a dedicated server. This cloud environment provides the server you need for your application. One example is the Google Application Engine which allows you to host web applications written in different programming languages.object-oriented language is a language built around the concept of objects. In the physical world, look around the room and consider every object as an object. For example, I now have a file on my desk. As a product, its name is “cup” and it has properties about it like its color and how much liquid it holds. Semantic languages allow us to define objects as mugs and access their properties in our code. We can send messages to stuff, so in my file, I need to know “Is it empty?” We can then create and handle all kinds of items to do different things in our application. For example, you can use a camera object to take a picture. The camera object represents the body camera on an Android phone, but in a way that we can communicate with the code.