JAVA – A Programming Language

Java is a programming language for common use, like Python or JavaScript.
The language itself is specifically an object-oriented programming language, so C ++ is similar to C ++, C #. Java is a platform that can run on any computer that has Java Java Virtual Machine (JVM) code. At first these two things were interchangeable, and the only thing that happened in JVM was Java. But since then there have been many languages that can run on the Java platform, languages like Scala, Groovy, a Ruby process, and the Python implementation called Jython.

What are the origins of Java?

Java Sun Microsystems was created by a group, released in 1995 and later acquired oracle. The main goal of the creators of Java is to create a language that can work on consumer devices – so designers already thought of a world that works in your refrigerator or toaster – we now call things the Internet. We’ve just started to develop devices that benefit from such language, so by the mid-1990s they were ahead of their time. But that goal was to achieve great success in the architecture of Java. One of its main selling points is “Write once, run anywhere”, so in other words, you can write code and then it can be compiled to work on any device.

Ironically, Java is not popular for this reason; Instead, its creators were able to take advantage of something else that emerged in the mid-1990s: the World Wide Web. In Java there was a feature where you can write things called applets, small projects that run inside a web browser, and the web is gaining popularity, java has become more successful and popular because it drives this wave. So a lot of web applications are written in Java, although they don’t have what the creators think of when they design the native language.

How is JAVA different from JAVA Script?

There is no technical relationship between Java script and JavaScript. JavaScript was developed by Netscape, which was originally called Live Script. No one has used it, so Netscape saw Java get that ad and hype, and they basically renamed the Live Script dive as JavaScript to erase some of the excitement. It works – JavaScript is popular. But technically, there is no relation between the two, and they have identical names. The only technical similarity is that they can both get their syntax from the C programming language. For this reason, if you are familiar with JavaScript it is very easy to pick up JavaScript and vice versa.